HE WAS BORN WITH A VAMPIRE ON HIS BACK,so he believes that God put it there. Moreover, he was schooled and churched to see his landless-ness as normal.That is why today’s X-Slaves do not recognize the fundamental injustice that is inherent in their landless-ness. What lesson might be learned from the Covid-19 Curfew if you happen to be a landless X-Slave whose fore-parents were robbed and worked to death, and therefore left you WITH NO INHERITANCE except the name of the Slave-Master that raped them on a daily basis? One important lesson that might be learned from the curfew is that if the centuries-old Beast decides to lock you down in your virtual slave quarters, your landless-ness can make your experience feel like you are a real domesticated chicken locked up in your cage.Just like domesticated chickens, the vast multitude of today’s X-Slaves, like yourself, are precariously dependent on an artificial life-line for their food. And it is in no way remarkable that the X-Slave’s life-line is for the most part still controlled by his X-Slave-masters. What does that tell you about the freedom and Emancipation and Independence that you are constantly trained to celebrate?In light of a history that is replete with instances of genocide, one does not have to be a pessimist to consider the fact that because of such a vulnerable position, the masses of today’s X-Slaves can be easily locked down in their cramped and congested chicken coops and fed with extinguishers and terminators if quick genocide became urgently necessary.But the chicken has a great trust in the man that placed him in the cage for future slaughter. This is the kind of food dependency that now characterizes the life of THE TYPICAL LANDLESS X-SLAVE. Today’s X-Slaves are in this precariously dangerous position because they are trapped in a landless foul coop that was purposely built to keep X-Slaves under lock and key after the end of Chattel Slavery. That foul coop is called LANDLESS VULNERABILITY.And the Covid-19 Curfew starkly highlights the precarious nature of the X-Slaves’landless existence, for they are a people who were deliberately handicapped post Emancipation, so that they would control no food and no territory on planet Earth. Nothing should be of greater concern than the grim implications of this landless vulnerability and life-long insecuritythat were built into the Emancipation packageto inaugurate a new form of slavery.In this new form of slavery the X-Slave would become a Negro who is spiritually mentored and trained by white devils, and he would be driven to commodify every aspect of his life, including his soul,in order to pay his life-long rent. Under the influence of this disguised and revitalized form of slavery, it was inevitable that the plantation would become a breeding ground for a new form of Negro who holds nothing sacred besides the dollar.If you missed out on the events that followed the day of Emancipation you may wonder why today’s X-Slaves wear this perpetual handicap of landless-ness so complacently. Then you can be pardoned for not knowing that following the day of Emancipation, all of the institutions of Babylon were given a mandate to collaborate in training the X-Slaves, so that instead of thinking of rebelling against the vampire system they would aspire to get a middle-class position and be a part of the vampire system.The end-game of this training was to create PERFECT NEGROES who would become willing deputies for their modern slave-masters.In fact, in the perfect model of a modern slave colony, it does not even raise an eye-brow when the Negroes that have been specially trained and brainwashed swear “eternal allegiance to the queen of England and her posterity, so help me God.” In order to normalize this upgraded form of slavery,all X-Slaves were schooled and churched and brainwashed to believe that carrying the capitalist vampire on their backs is the best system in the world, and it is a system that was specially blessed and ordained by God. Keeping the X-Slaves in a condition where they would always be desperately dependent on getting temporary short-term money was integral to the success of this Emancipation plan. It would create just the kind of Negro that the remodeled slave plantation needed.It created a spiritual environment where  integrity would find it very hard to flourish. Therefore in fulfillment of this plan, a Negro would be created who isnever standing up for anything besides the Dollar.To breed this kind of Negro,the X-Slave-masters set out to keep the X-Slavesvulnerably trapped in little rented boxes on their master’s plantation. This would keep them totally dependent on their X-Slave-masters for food.And it would keep them totally dependent on selling trinkets and services,or performing tricks for their master’s entertainment, or selling their soulson a daily basis.And this acute vulnerability is the direct result of the fact that the X-Slave-masters control all the land, and all the food, and all the basic necessities.Lining up for food-aid is a logical outcome of landless-ness, for they are a people that control no food and no territory on planet Earth.

But the Covid 19 Curfew has also taught that the X-Slave remains so slave-broken and domesticated, that in such a crisis that highlights HIS LANDLESS VULNERABILITY, he is more likely to be talking about something else, or praying anxiously for his master’s plantation to reopen, so that Global Apartheid can get back on it’s feet and return to “normalcy.”



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