If you free a people and continue to control all the land, and control all the money, you will effectively control all the people and keep them in captivity.That is what is meant by the term “CAPTIVE LABOR.”

But if the enslaved are also unwise and brainwashed, you can easily trick them. Here are a few things that you can do to make a complete mockery of their intelligence: You can stop calling them slaves,you can give their captivity a new name and dress it up in a new pair of shoes, you can grant them a few concessions, and above all, you can create a moneyed class of Show-Case Negroes to present the illusion of conclusion. Those that are unwise and brain-washed will be easily tricked by this strategy. They will even argue that their continued landless subservient realityis something else that is not related to Chattel slavery.

But the truth is that despite the illusion of conclusion,CHATTEL SLAVERY STILL REMAINS the most relevant period of Black History.



Think about this: It really profits The Inheritors of Slavery Wealth to teach the victims of this great robbery to stop thinking about slavery, stop talking about slavery, and stop analyzing their present condition with the microscope of slavery.When the slave has been thus psychologically master-minded by the thoughts of his slave-masters, he will exhibit the mind of a thoroughly domesticated creature.
Because landless-ness and life-long rent have become normalized in his psyche, he will no longer see the relevance of Chattel Slavery.
Therefore despite the fact that on a global level he has been stripped of land and resources so that his labor continues to be exploited for the benefit of other races, he will not arrive at the truth that African Liberation should be the main rallying point in all his programs and activities.
He will be a slave that tries to put Chattel Slavery behind him before completely removing his landless subservient bondage from before him.
This formula of MIND-CONTROL holds power over the masses of today’s X-Slaves because they were schooled in such a way that they would lack HISTORICAL CONSCIOUSNESS. That means that they would not be able to recognize the many ways in which their bondage has been repackaged and normalized. And they would not be able to see the truth that their bondage has also been globalized.OVER-VIEW OF TODAY’S REMODELED SLAVE PLANTATION
While the masses of today’s X-Slaves remain in this subjugated CAPTIVE-LABOR condition,
the true freedom-fighters will continue to rebuke the notion that this is freedom. And that is why we say that Chattel Slavery still remains the most relevant period of Black History.Continued in next chapter.Ras Jahaziel I Iktor Tafari

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