THE MARK OF THE BEASTThe task of self-reparations forces us to recognize that while slave owners were using terror and torture to embed an acceptance of European names in the psyche of their African slaves, they were at the same time embedding A LONG-LASTING SLAVE-BROKEN MENTALITY, that would cause emancipated Africans to be perpetuallysatisfied with inferiority.That is the psychological root of… Continue reading




Friday, February 2, 2024
The two men were shot dead in the early hours of Tuesday morning while allegedly trying to steal produce from a yam field.



You are your enslaved and malnourished ancestor, and your existence on the plantation was confined to a landless box on four rocks, where hunger was your constant companion. All the while, the… Continue reading



SELF-REPARATIONS. HOW IS IT ACCOMPLISHED? It is accomplished by giving maximum exposure to your slave history to see how it shaped your present identity and your present personality.The revelations that come from such exposure are vitally necessary if a racially subjugated specieswill repair itself from the damage that now prevents full attainment ofwholeness and well-being.

VICTIMS OF THE COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM that was  designed to sabotage the Pan-African vision of “Africa for the Africans, those at home and those abroad.”

When the African has been fully broken,domesticated, and mentally infiltrated,he will lose his self-respect.Consequently, he will take pride in being known as a Cherokee,an Apache, and a Black foot, but not a Black African.This loss of self-respect will cause the broken Negro to want to be Native American or… Continue reading

CHAPTER 3 In this post-emancipation era, the world has become split into two different economic realities: Slavery-Wealth and Slavery Poverty…. otherwise known as First world and Third world…. otherwise known as

The Developed World

and The UNDER-Developed World…

otherwise known to the wise as The Shameful and Unjust Results of The Great Robbery.Look at this picture below: It can be called “Inequality as a result of The Great Robbery,”

…and you can be sure It is a strategy of… Continue reading

HE WAS BORN WITH A VAMPIRE ON HIS BACK,so he believes that God put it there. Moreover, he was schooled and churched to see his landless-ness as normal.That is why today’s X-Slaves do not recognize the fundamental injustice that is inherent in their landless-ness. What lesson might be learned from the Covid-19 Curfew if you happen to be a landless X-Slave whose fore-parents were robbed and worked to death, and therefore left you WITH NO INHERITANCE except the… Continue reading