Jan 25 2019


“The events that transpired five thousand years ago, five years ago, or five minutes ago, have determined what will happen five minutes from now, five years from now, or five thousand years from now. All history is a current event. -Dr. John Henrik Clarke -–That global experience that is commonly referred to as “history” effectively divided the world into two distinct regions that can accurately be called White Heaven and Black Hell. Throughout that history “political correctness” had not yet been invented, so White Satan went to and fro in the broad daylightwithout a mask, invading, raping, robbing, enslaving, and committing genocide on all continents. And so the present White World Order came into existence.That history left the X-Slave-masters holding the bag of money, and it left the X-Slaves QUARANTINED IN POVERTY and hypnotized into a stupor of inferiority.

That is why today’s X-Slave has so much in common with a fish in an aquarium. He lives in a system that he did not create. He does not swim and breathe in an environment that is of his own making. He lives under daily pressure to respond to conditions that are created by those Slavery-wealth Inheritors who own and control his world. In other words, He is not an owner of “the economy,” but merely a disposable tool in the X-Slave-master’s economy.The same nations that robbed him and enslaved him still rule and control his life.This persistent control from the outside therefore causes today’s X-Slave to be always in a response mode. For these reasons the X-Slave can often be found standing in the picket line pleading for equality and fair treatment, or standing in a long immigration line of humiliation…pleading desperately for a chance to escape from “Hell.”In every single corner of planet Earth where they are now located, you will find X-Slaves who desperately want to relocate to somewhere else, and that is becausetheir economic subjugation is GLOBAL. Therefore, no matter where you go, you will find an X-Slave polishing his soul for sale. You will find him jacketed and tied on his knees smiling for the crumbs of White Supremacy.That is the kind of humiliating scenario that you are sure to encounter after a people have been stripped of their land and locked in crowded economic concentration camps of exploitation, where landlessness causes money to become just as important as breath.In fact, having been gutted of their pride and self-respect, the victims of rape have even been known to bestow honorary status on the beneficiaries of the rape.This is because a bone of pity thrown from the hands of the wealthy makes The Slavery-Wealth Inheritor look like a God and Savior in the eyes of the hungry. This worship and veneration of The Slavery-wealth Inheritors is also the result of an understanding on the part of the hungry that if they want to gain white patronage they need to wear a sign saying: “We are Negrofied rape victims who have gotten over it. We have therefore forgiven and forgottenTHE RAPE.”Therefore it is not a surprise to discover that the truly Negrofied X-Slave will always try to distance himself from anything that would suggest that he is for African Liberation.His main concern is to cultivate an image that would get him sponsorship.But this humiliating scenario is an inevitable occurrence when a people have been stripped of land and locked in overcrowded economic concentration camps where landlessness causes money to bejust as important as breath. It is a scenario that was designed to keep the X-Slave vulnerable and submissive to the X-Slave-master.Such is the power of The Money Bag when you have inherited it’s ownership from the cruel blood-soaked history of former slave-masters. But it is usually the case that the rape victim is so ignorant of his history that he does not even know that he is a rape victim, and the beneficiaries of genocide, rape and robbery always find it difficult to acknowledge that they are the beneficiaries of genocide, rape, and robbery. Today White Satan claims to have become more civilized, so he no longer commits genocide openly, and he even boasts of having “values.” But he never wants to face the truth that the slavery-wealth inheritance has been handed down tightly interwoven with the economic incarceration of the historical victims of White terrorism, and you cannot truly distance yourself from a crime while every day you are reaping the residual benefits of the crime. Indeed character and integrity have long been eroded on all sides of the fence, and they have been eroded to such an extent that the typical X-Slave, now has no qualms about exchanging what little is left of his soul for Grants and Aid and Sponsorship. As a result of this history, The Slavery-Wealth Inheritor is the one who now controls those crucial decisions that DICTATE THE FATE and affect the lives of the X-Slaves in every single way on every single day. In a very real sense, today’s X-Slaves are a people who have had the earth stolen from under their feet. Consequently, they have become hostage passengers on a spaceship that is being recklessly driven to Dooms-day by Crackers.

Continued in Chapter 3

Art and writing by Ras Jahaziel

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