CHAPTER 3 In this post-emancipation era, the world has become split into two different economic realities: Slavery-Wealth and Slavery Poverty…. otherwise known as First world and Third world…. otherwise known as

The Developed World

and The UNDER-Developed World…

otherwise known to the wise as The Shameful and Unjust Results of The Great Robbery.Look at this picture below: It can be called “Inequality as a result of The Great Robbery,”

…and you can be sure It is a strategy of White Supremacy.

One US dollar equals 134 Jamaican dollars.
Any place in the world where you look, you will find the same economic disparity when comparing any predominantly white country with any predominantly Black country.That is why there is always an exodus from the countries that were invaded and robbed to the countries that benefited from invading and robbing other countries. The survival instinct is always the prime motivator of Black and Brown migration. As a result of this economically institutionalized racism, there is a very stark and glaring difference between the living conditions that are being enjoyed by the children of those that maliciously went around the world robbing and enslaving other races, and the tormented living conditions that are being experienced by the children of those that were at home minding their own business, and got invaded, robbed, and enslaved by other races. It is definitely not an accident that on the beaches of “Paradise,” it is the children of those that “had” slaves that are sunbathing and vacationing, and it is the children of those that “were” enslaved that are usually for rent, or providing sexual favors, or generally serving and prostrating.

The cause is right there to be seen in the dollar disparity.

Now here is why it cannot be denied that it is a strategy of White Supremacy.

The X-Slave-master knows that as long as he can stifle the X-Slaves and keep them  in desperate conditions, there will always be  LOTS OF SELL-OUTS.

Because of this desperation the X-Slaves will be prone to begging for money. They will be prone to bowing before Europeans and treating them like Gods. They will be driven to sacrifice their pride and integrity, and instead of placing a priority on uniting among themselves, their desire for favors will cause them to place a much larger priority on uniting with Europeans.

Through this manipulation of the dollar, even former revolutionaries will become agents of neocolonialism.

Friendly patronizing colonialism by the dollar can thus become more deeply penetrating than colonialism by the sword.Long experience has taught The X-Slave-master that desperate Negroes are always very cheap.

Taking advantage of The Results of The Great Robbery is the strategy of White Supremacy.

Taking advantage of the great robbery and then pretending to be a savior and a missionary is the current modus operandi of White Supremacy.

Here is a way to look at the implications of the injustice that is represented in this dollar-disparity graph below:

If in the plantation’s Big House it takes you one lap around the treadmill to get a dollar, it will take you 134 laps around the treadmill to get the same dollar… if you are a field Negro who has been denied entry to the benefits of The Big House, and have been quarantined in poverty in the outer regions of the plantation.But because of plantation religion and plantation education, today’s X-Slaves are usually the easiest people to fool in the world.Sometimes the more educated they are, the more fool they are. Therefore they often tend to believe that an absence of whips and chainsmeans the absence of slavery, and they also tend to believe that not being called A Nigga means the absence of racism. Their slave education inhibits their common sense, and prevents them from seeing that racism is built into every fabric of their every-day existence.And then the stupid people will ask “Why are you always talking about Slavery?”

Art and writing by Ras Jahaziel