LOCKED IN A MENTAL STATEthat was purposefully designed by white Slave-Breakers.
AFRICA has been painted
with such a negative brush that for a very long time, the knowledge that you came from Africa was not a source of great pride. This shame has long plagued the mind of the African who became a Negro during   the slave-breaking process. It caused the search for origins outside of Africa, because very few Negroes   wanted to be linked with a place  that had been covered with such shame.  And this shame was even more pronounced with regards to West Africa,   because of the stigma of   the transatlantic slave trade.It is not surprising therefore that there have arisen ideologies that desperately try to link the origins of today’s X-Slaves to places outside of that geographical region.
Because of the fact that   the continent of Africa has been blessed   with the greatest wealth in natural resources,  it has always been  envied and invaded by other nations. It even caused white people to invade South Africa and claim it as their home.But the negative conditioning that turned the exiled African into a Negro  has too often caused him to want to distance himself from that land mass.
Therefore it is not uncommon today to meet a Negro with an ideology that says:
“We belong to the land where masses of white people  are assembled in a numerical majority,
and not the land where masses of Black people are assembled in a numerical majority.”SEE VIDEO BELOWin order to comprehend the Slave-Breaking and Slave-Domestication that created this Negro mentality.

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