Today with the aid of The History Microscope, it is quite easy to see that SLAVE CONTROL is the demonic reason why the overwhelming majority of today’s X-Slaves have been deliberately kept bound  in the punitive and subjugating chains of LANDLESS-NESS.Permanent dependency and permanent insecurity are a natural consequence of landless-ness, and this is a necessary condition for perfect slave control.And it is equally plain to see why every effort has been made to normalize landless-ness in the X-Slave’s psyche, so that despite his landless-ness, he would still proudly boast of “his country.”This SUBJUGATING condition of landless dependency and permanent insecurity  continue to make a joke of Emancipation. Its true purpose is the creation of a subjugated and domesticated Negro who would adjust to always having or alwaysneeding a Boss and a master. There is indeed a goal and a demonic purpose in all the mis-education that continues to be done. It was intended that after the X-Slave had been
“properly educated” he would not be bothered
by his landless dependency. Neither would he be alarmed by the state of permanent insecurity that his landless-ness implies.Therefore the owners of the slave plantation expected that with the use of such mis-education they will have created a perfect slave that needs no chains. Such slaves would need no chains, because their mental conditioning would cause them to be
perfectly content with being legally chained to the place of their enslavement on their master’s plantation, and just as their owners intended such slaves would have no ambition for African Liberation. That indeed has been the main goal of all the Negro mis-education. When this diabolical plan was hatched in the mind of slave-owners they knew that it would bring an end to all slave rebellions and create a Negro mentality that would have no ambition for African Liberation. So think about it: Following the day of Emancipation the X-Slaves were now supposed to be “free.”They had been branded with a nationality, but owned no country. What good is a nationality without ownership of a country?Such a nationality means LANDLESS CONFINEMENT to the place of your enslavement. But on his master’s plantation the X-Slave was subjected to a heavy dose of brainwashing to make him believe that in his landlessness he still had a country. The truth is that on the day of Emancipation the X-Slaves had nowhere to run except on their master’s plantation. Therefore the vast majority had no way to survive, and despite the fact that their expectation of freedom was that they would now be working for their own racial empowerment and their own racial advancement, their emancipation was never meant to turn out that way. The X-Slave’s racial empowerment and racial advancement would have brought an unwelcome change to the capitalist enterprise that has an inherent need to maintain itself on slavery and racism, so the evil that rules in the mind of The X-Slave-Master is stubbornly resistant and antagonistic to the X-Slave’s legitimate desire for Black racial empowerment and Black racial advancement.So the X-Slaves’ landless-ness had to be maintained, and just as it was intended, and with the help of tons of brain-washing, landless-ness forced the X-Slaves to bury their sacred ambitions and their dream of genuine African liberation in the deep pit of forgetfulness. Consequently the X-Slaves adjusted to always having a master, and with the comfort and encouragement of Jeezus, they continued submissively like their enslaved fore-parents to spend their whole lives working for X-Slave-master enrichment. As it turned out, Landless Emancipation was a master-piece of deception. Armed with the experience that comes from long practice in the art of deception, the X-Slave-masters replaced words like “slave” and “Slave-master” with words like “employee” and “CEO,” and replaced the word “slavery” withthe word “capitalism.”Then they proceeded to constantly hammer in the X-Slave’s head that he was now “living in the best system in the world.”Because the english language easily facilitates verbal acrobatics and trickenology, these linguistic somersaults created the psychological framework that would now help to cover the face of slavery with an appearance of decency. After these few linguistic adjustments The Slave-owner could now hold his head high and be respected in society as a successful business-man, despite continuing to own and control his slaves by owning and controlling their whole survival system. Just by tinkering with the plantation vocabulary, real change was substituted with a change in words. To put this in another way, fearing that their X-Slaves may prosper and become a threat to Global White Domination, the X-Slave-masters set out to control the cost of the X-Slaves’ living, so that for the vast multitudes, living would not be affordable, and they would therefore be always worn down by the kind of stress that eventually drives a people to fratricide, suicide, and madness.Secondly they also set out to controlthe value of the X-Slaves’ dollar so that anywhere in the world Black Dollar is always WORTH LESS.These measures were very important to the X-Slave-masters, because they knew that such economic control would allow them to place a restrictive boundary around the X-Slaves’ progress.   Next:  Chapter 5PERMANENT INSECURITY AS A TOOL IN THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SLAVE CONTROL


“GOD” is in the arisen consciousness of the African Nation, and resurrecting God is our sacred mission.

Art and writing by Ras Jahaziel I Iktor Tafari

continued in Chapter 5


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