They are still following the orders of

those that inherited their wealth from ownership of slave plantations.

But now they are deceiving the masses by wearing BLACK disguises,

and talking plenty of Black liberation crap.

MARIJUANA LAWSAND THE LEGAL BANDITRYthat maintains The Old Slavery Status Quo of White Wealth and Black Poverty ….. long after Emancipation.Their purpose?to keep Rastas and the majority of the Black population ECONOMICALLY DESTITUTE,so that they would be forced to keep on begging for jobs, so that they would never be the The Owners, and would always be The Employees,so that they would be always desperate for white hand-outs and white patronage,and so that… Continue reading
Whenever there is a harvest on the slave plantation it is the slave-master who will be going to the bank to continue his process of wealth accumulation.So how come it is the slave that has always been the leader in Harvest celebration?The landless X-Slaves were brainwashed to celebrate Crop Overon the Barbados slave plantation, even though they never had a crop or a plantation.Now, on other slave plantations, the landless X-slaves purchase fruits from… Continue reading