Re “Rastafari gain sacramental rights to marijuana in Antigua and Barbuda”
When religion is placed to the front, and African Liberation is placed to the back, the result is separation. Separation from the masses of oppressed African people on the basis of religious exceptionalism. On hindsight, it was a lack of foresight.


With that exceptionalism comes the loss of credibilityas a genuine African Liberation movement. Give your conscience some adrenaline

and think about this,

or as the old folks used to say,

put this in your pipe and smoke it:


While The Habitual Persecutors continue

to hunt down and persecute and

imprison other Africans for a plant,

you will be enjoying the same plant

with the protection of

the same habitual persecutors.

But what does this mean?

It means that you will have to

imprison and suffocate your conscience

to enjoy your exceptional religion.

And that sounds very much like

being tricked and outsmarted,

and converted to Babylon

in the name of legalization.


So there is nothing to be happy about,

except for some strange reason,

you are now happy to be among

the first group of Blacks

to get a right that is fast becoming

commonplace among white people.

FULLY FREE, not partially free. Never forget that is what

African Liberation is all about.


Ras Jahaziel I Iktor Tafari



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