MARIJUANA LAWSAND THE LEGAL BANDITRYthat maintains The Old Slavery Status Quo of White Wealth and Black Poverty ….. long after Emancipation.Their purpose?to keep Rastas and the majority of the Black population ECONOMICALLY DESTITUTE,so that they would be forced to keep on begging for jobs, so that they would never be the The Owners, and would always be The Employees,so that they would be always desperate for white hand-outs and white patronage,and so that this economic subjugation would cause them to be always vulnerable to bribes.
This is how The Inheritors of Slavery Wealth set out to maintain The Old Slavery Status Quo of White Wealth and Black Poverty long after Emancipation:First they pardoned themselves for the widespread death and destructionthat they caused while PUSHING RUM and alcoholism in the process of building Slavery’s White Wealth, (and they taught everybody to ignore and forget it.)Then they pardoned themselves for the millions of Black lives that were worked to death during the era of chattel enslavement when their plantations were grinding out barrels of rum by the day.Then after they had become multi-billionaires from the sale of rum,   they embarked on a period of MARIJUANA CRIMINALIZATION that would put millions behind bars and destroy just as many Black families, because X-Slaves that were caught selling marijuana were treated as if it was a capital offense.Then they used the money that they ruthlessly acquired from slavery, rum, and sugar cane to launch a trillion dollar marijuana industry.To prepare the way for an era of enormous profits, they embarked on a process of so-called “Decriminalization” that would open up and stimulate a vast consumer market. Having kept the Black population nakedly landless for many centuries,they would then enact unscrupulous and unprincipled  rules and regulations that would effectively exclude the vast majority of today’s already marginalized and impoverished X-Slaves from any form of participation other than… as employees. Consequently, just as intended,  The Inheritors of Slavery Wealth would therefore become the major beneficiaries of marijuana wealth. Instead of a reparations-oriented policy that takes into account the long history of injustice against Africans and their descendants, the mind of the Beast would invent prohibitive regulations like those below.
And lastly, they would cover this blatantly racist agenda with Black faces that have sworn allegiance to the Beast.
Just for a position on the plantation
And this is the way they set out to keep Rastas and the historical victims of slavery and colonialism locked out from the new economic revolution that is being launched with marijuana decriminalization. It is part of a long history of economic subjugation, and it is calculatedly designed to keep the masses of the plantation’s X-Slaves on their knees begging and prostituting.SEE VIDEO BELOW that shows the desired results.

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