(Chapter 1)

October 30 2018

A captive people are not likely to recognize their captivity if they were born in captivity and have no memory of freedom. Nor are they likely to identify liberation as an urgent necessity… if they have been schooled and churched to see their landless bondage as normal.(That is why “The Manual of Slave Control” clearly spells out in its preamble: “the need to educate all X-Slaves with the myth that their captivity ended on the day of Emancipation, and to support this myth by keeping the X-Slaves constantly doped, domesticated, and entertained in a drunken stupor.”)On a deeper level, it can be said that: an animal that has been thoroughly broken and domesticatedwill have no comprehension of its bondage, so it will therefore see the prison that was built by its master as its ideal home. In fact, it will love having a master, and because of not having any memory of freedom it will have no desire for freedom. So too will a broken and domesticated people adjust to their captivity under The Devil’s System, and many of those that have been spiritually deformed by the process will even become agents of the very same system that enslaved them.

Many generations of slave-master-sponsored churching, and slave-master-sponsored schooling successfully embedded  an acceptance of landless-ness in the X-Slave’s psyche, and that is why bondage was bound to become invisible to the X-Slave’s eyes.  This landless bondage would therefore continue to be passed down from generation to generation. And if everything goes according to plan, The X-Slaves will continue to be a race that is always bowing down and serving another race… and it will be accepted as normal.

Consequently, the thinking of the typical X-Slave will be the thinking of a slave who is content with inferiority, content with bondage, and content with living on life-long rent. In the absence of any real experience of freedom, such slaves will thus be prone to becoming delusional creatures of the TV. Hence they will not see the connection between themselves and African Liberation, so when they hear mention of African Liberation it will not resonate in their psyche.It is this history of slave-breaking, slave-domestication, and slave mis-education that is responsible for creating today’s off-centered Negro with his mixed-up priorities, who will ignorantly misdirect his energies in celebrating and commemorating everything else on earth under the sun except African Liberation Day. Long domestication has been very effective in conditioning the X-Slaves to only desire a cosmetic make-over of their bondage, and to not have a mind for African liberation.But that was the goal that was set long ago by slave owners of Hell Plantation… to breed a species of Negroes who would be coached to cooperate with their slave master in burying the crimes of slavery deep in the pit of forgetfulness, and trained to not mention the debt of slavery that now manifests in today’s poverty. This long ongoing mind alteration program would result in a Negro who would be tricked to believe that his ultimate salvation lies in the getting of personal short-term money, and not in fighting against injustice and giving voice to the suffocated cause of his enslaved ancestors. And the program would be made that much easier by keeping the X-Slaves so totally fun-addicted and programmed by the TV that they would find themselves engulfed in the rat race, and unable to muster the self-discipline to lift themselves up from the pit.

continued in Chapter 2

“GOD” is in the arisen consciousness of the African Nation, and resurrecting God is our sacred mission.

Art and writing by Ras Jahaziel