THE MARK OF THE BEASTWHY IS SELF REPARATIONS SO IMPORTANT?It is important, because If Chattel Slavery is part of your history, you have inherited A Scorned Identity. Whites scorn it, Indians scorn it, Chinese scorn it, and even Negroes scorn it. That is why it is universallyhidden under a white wig.

If you are always complaining about racism and hoping to be treated as equals by other races,  you will have to examine and eradicate slavery-implanted attitudes towards your God-given identity, and stop preferring your slave-master-given identity.  That is what Self Reparations is all about, and it is more valuable and long-lasting than a temporary pay-check that carries an expiry date.You did not emerge from Chattel Slavery with your original identity. You emerged from Chattel Slavery with an inferior identity that was designed to keep you inferior to other races.But you also emerged from Chattel Slavery with a deep psychological wound that causes you to be ashamed to bring up the subject of Chattel Slavery, but not ashamed to openly wear and display the results of Chattel Slavery.But despite this shame, the time of reparations demands brutal honesty in facing the fact that you emerged from Chattel Slaverypsychologically crippled in inferiority, with a white name,a white Godhead,and a white standard of beauty from which you subconsciously worship white supremacy.

If Chattel Slavery is part of your historyit is important to wake up to the truth that the name of the rapist that raped your fore-parents on a daily basis is The real Mark of The Beast that has been embedded in your forehead and your birth certificate.This mark of The Beast causes you to be despising your hair, despising your skin, despising the land of your origins, having no shame about wearing the name of your white slave-master, and all the while expressing shock that other races despise you.This is what Chattel Slavery did to you, and just like all other creatures that have been captured broken and domesticated you will be very reluctant to leave the chicken coop that was assigned to you by your master.battered and broken with the mark of the Beast replacing your true identity.And all of this trauma is recorded in your present-day mental and physical health condition that causes you to be more likely than other races to die from stress-related diseases that have their origin in Chattel Slavery. So we cannot escape the fact thatOnly Broken Slaves survived the hellish ordeal that is known as Chattel Slavery.And they survived because they had been branded with white-man names to show that they were owned by the Devils of the white race. If you did not escape into the swamps or into the hills you were made to bow under the whip and answer to the name of your master to show that you have accepted inferiority. This was your sign of non-resistance and inferiority compliance. This was the sign that you had to constantly display before the eyes of your master to let him know that you are not a rebel, and that you had no plans to be a rebel, because you acknowledge the white man as your God and master.So what this means is that The Beast has stamped the mark of inferiority in the head of the Nwgro, and it gives all other races the justification for seeing today’s X-Slave as an inferior creature that has been cloned by the white race.Though all of this that has been said may be  harsh to the slave that has been taught to live in denial of his true reality it would be foolhardy to try to dispute the truth of all that has been said, but we are living in a time when shock treatment is necessary if the damaged African is to be resurrected againAll of this .has not been erased  that has been done by Chattel Slavery has not been repaired.The damage now passes as normal,  but today’s X-Slave is a broken creature who still carries all the curses of Slave-breaking that have deformed him and remade him in the image of his white captors.Most of his mental and physical health issues today can be traced to this trauma of slave-breaking.And that is why there is such an urgent need for Self Reparations because while the inheritors of slavery wealth may be able to give you a bank check, none but ourselves can heal our minds.But just as is the case with all broken and domesticated creatures, if you are in the cage long enough you will get accustomed to it and it will  even become invisible to your eyes.long these curses have becomeThe fact that you are alive today means that you have a whole lot of self repairing to do in order to fully recover from the slave-breaking process.Being broken was your ticket to survival on Hell Plantation. If you did not escape into the swamps or into the hills you had to bow under the whip and answer to the name of your master. This was your sign of non-resistance, showing the master that you are not a rebel, and you acknowledge the white man as your God and master.Today’s generation is the broken remnant, scarred by physical and mental health issues that are all the legacy of the slave breaking ordeal on Hell Plantationstill remains plagued by whose identity has been blotted out and replaced with the badge of inferiority.still remains buried under the scars of slave breaking.scarred by the branding irons of buried existence is still nants It was impossible to emerge as a whole person after centuries of rape and psychological brutality and slave-breaking on a daily basis. If you did not escape into the swamps or into the hills you had to bow under the whip and answer to the name of your master. This was your sign of non-resistance, indicating that you were not a rebel, and you acknowledged the slave breaker as your God and master. Failing to escape Hell Plantation meant succumbing to the cruel ordeal that broke your resistance and reshaped your identity in the image of your white slave masters.Your slave name today is living testimony to the fact that eventually you stopped fighting back, and you bowed to the shameful fate of wearing a name that indicates you have an owner. you are still broken and in need of repair.If you cannot acknowledge your brokenness it is because like all other broken and domesticated creatures, you have adjusted to the mark of inferiority that was branded on you by your master. ******************************* When Africans were captured and taken out of Africa,Africa had to be taken out of Africans.Replacing the royal spirit of an African with the inferior spirit of a Negro was the whole purpose of slave-breaking.  And that is why the first step in the slave-breaking process was to force the African to renounce his own name and answer to a white man’s name. Now that he had been whipped into denouncing his real name and forced to answer to a white man’s name, he now had a new inferior identity that signaled to the whole world that he was now a broken Negro who agreed with Black inferiority and consented to white superiority.Henceforth the white man became his undisputed God and master, and the African became his inferior. That is the whole symbology of an African wearing a white man’s name. And that is why when other races see a Black man proudly wearing a white man’s name they see a Negro that has given up the fight for his true identity. They see A Negro that has bowed and accepted his racial inferiority. IDENTITY REPAIR IS THEREFORE INTEGRAL TO THE CONCEPT OF SELF-REPARATIONS. But all of this that has been said will only make sense if you no longer worship the our identity mean have the courage to change the program that was set by slave-breakers, and you are truly concerned about the racism that Africans face everywhere.