(Excerpt from the book “The Holy Scriptures of Reparations” Chapter 4)WHAT ELSE IS A SLAVE


Author: Ras Jahaziel February 12 2016************************
dessalines(painting of Jean-Jacques Dessalines by Haitian artist Ulrick Jean-Pierre)

In the process of robbing the kidnapped children of The Middle Passage of their African homeland, so that African labor and the much coveted natural resources of Africa could be used to make Europeans wealthy while Africans perish in poverty, it became necessary to school, fool, and religiously indoctrinate the kidnapped African. Consequently this far-reaching crime that would negatively impact the African for centuries would be officially pardoned, blessed, and legalized, and the victims would learn to honor and respect The Invader’s Right to Stolen Property. The victims would therefore tell themselves that this is the way God planned it. They would therefore view their own present-day landless situation that resulted from the historical robbery as a normal life situation that has been ordained by God. This concept of THE RIGHT OF THE HABITUAL ROBBER AND INVADER actually became the bedrock of slave religion, indoctrinating the victims of robbery and enslavement with the belief that the robbery that had left them in a quagmire of landless dependency and perpetual servitude was too sacred to be challenged or questioned. But even though this white belief system has been long embedded in their brains, one may yet find a few descendants of The Middle Passage who realize that centuries of hard back-breaking labor have been stolen from them. A small minority may be sufficiently conscious to know the reason why they lag behind every other people in a state of pitiful third-world dependency.However, in light of all the patriotic brainwashing that is still taking place today, it is not likely that the X-slave will see beyond his master’s plantation and realize the much larger significance of the fact that he has been robbed of his ancestral land and dumped on another man’s plantation to be a landless wage-slave dependent. This is something that today’s X-slave has learned to live with, and he actually believes that his rented spot on the plantation is his nation. He has been educated to throw history in the trash, and to start his world at the day after the robbery. The divine right of the slave-master, the robber, and the invader, has been strongly embedded in his psyche. There is also another factor to be considered when trying to understand how the mind of a kidnapped people could be made to benefit the robber and the kidnapper. Think of this: As a result of much schooling and fooling and religious indoctrination, the dispersed African in the west would also become filled with Afro-pessimism. This pessimism would psychologically disconnect him from his African homeland, and generate a negative attitude towards himself and all things African. Therefore in keeping with the slave-master’s scheme, the kidnapped African that had been robbed of his African homeland would become a disinterested spectator while this Vampire-like robbery of African resources continues to be perpetuated.This capture and control of Africa’s resources has long been a central motivation guiding international politics.Think about The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade where nations from all over the world zoomed in on Africa to empower themselves with African labor,as a necessary precursorto becoming wealthy first world nations.

Think about the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 and the years following, when all major European nations proceeded to carve up the African cake, as another necessary precursor to becoming wealthy first world nations.

Think of the present day when the wolf pack has increased its numbers so dramatically that it is no longer just Europeans that are staking their claim to the African pie.

Think of the fact that historically this scramble has long necessitated the sacrifice of African lives, imposing life-limiting conditions that are symptomatic of protracted genocide. In a very real sense, when the sleeping African awakes from his deep sleep he will discover that the earth has been stolen from under his feet. He will have to face the truth that he now lives in a world owned by white people. And this robbery and present-day control of African wealth that drove Africans to be global paupers is the almost invisible geopolitical bottom-line underlying everything that happens to an African wherever he resides on planet Earth today.But Dracula and his band of Habitual Invaders have also calculated that their present unhindered access to African resources could be threatened by any large-scale return of awakened Africans seeking to reclaim their homeland.

And this is the main reason why a systematic mis-education campaign is constantly maintained to strike the kidnapped African in the west with psychological diseases like Afro-pessimism and Afro-phobia. The Historical Kidnappers and Invaders know that when this disease becomes chronic it will incapacitate the kidnapped African mentally, so that he would view whatsoever the slave-master has done as something that is as irreversible as the works of God. His vision would be therefore limited to the few rented square-feet where he has been placed by his long-time owners, and he would never be able to see the bigger picture concerning the robbery and continued looting of his ancestral birthright. Thus the dispersed African would not be able to see the vision of an Africa prosperous and united, where his long denied African identity is recognized and honored, and where being African entitles him to a share of the collective benefits deriving from collective ownership of those same resources that now confer rich first-world status on other nations. A powerful United Nations of Africa is still something that he has great difficulty in visualizing. The white God has long embedded in his psyche the white idea that such a vision should be discredited as another one of those crazy and unattainable Utopias. Deep down In his broken and Afro-pessimistic psyche, he holds to the unspoken belief that such power is built into the DNA of The Ice People, but definitely not those from the equator.From the perspective of such a mind damaged by plantation psychology, these great visions of African resurrection are far-fetched, not something to which much thought should be given, and not something that should merit his efforts. The permanency of White Heaven is the only vision he has in his downloaded white psyche.Therefore in furtherance of this scramble for African wealth, the victims in their now desperate and needy state would be fed with guns, drugs, and bribe money to finance and facilitate tribal wars and perpetual conflict, and The Historical Invaders and Land Grabbers would achieve two goals simultaneously: The confusion that they create in Africa would serve to remove any resistance to the continuous drain of African resources, and at the same time it would serve the dual purpose of making Afro-phobia a chronic disease. The dispersed and domesticated captives that are stricken by this disease will therefore endorse and uphold The Slave-Master’s Decrees of old that declared them to be NOT African or only part-African. Many of them will try to trace their origins to somewhere else, and many will even thank The White God for blessing them with a trip on the good ole slave-ship H.M.S Jesus of Lubec. Without an education that enlightens him on the connection between Black slavery, present-day Black poverty, Black on Black violence, and the ongoing scramble for Africa’s wealth, it is natural that Afro-phobia will cause the domesticated Negro to drop his baton and head back to the slave pen to which he has become accustomed and to which he feels he belongs. As a result of such schooling and fooling, most descendants of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, who for the most part are still landless rent-paying squatters and celebration addicts on white-owned plantations, do not even view their lives through a historical lens that connects their present-day landless vulnerability with this horrendous UNADDRESSED CRIME that robbed them of their ancestral homelands and placed the yoke of Landless Nationality around their necks. Furthermore, those whose profession it is to save souls and instruct the X-slave in the justice and mercy of God do not raise the question: Where is the justice in being worked to death in the burning sun from generation to generation, to see the owners of the plantation being given reparations, and then to look down through the centuries and see your descendants still squatting in paupered landlessness on the very same plantations? But according to their spin on religion, such blatant injustice is not noticed by God. Against this background, and in all fairness, how can one evaluate this issue of present-day Black nationality? There is no doubt that landless nationality from its very first inception had a design. And therefore it became a high restricting fence that now confines the kidnapped African to scattered land masses that are owned by today’s Slavery-Wealth Inheritors.




and rationalized and justified

by the preachers of

Plantation Religion.


From this day on you are not an African. With the blessings of The White Slave-Master God you are now a Barbadian.

Your name is no longer Kunta Kinte. Your name is now Codrington, and from henceforth you will be forever stationed here to provide labor on this our plantation.

THIS EVIL IS NORMAL AND IT IS OK WITH GODso get used to it and adjust yourself to getting up every morning and working for us.

You must respect your master’s right to stolen property, and you must also respect that God in his mysterious ways brought you here to provide daily toil for the enrichment of the owners of this plantation.

Remain faithful, loyal, and patriotic to to this our plantation, and you will be richly rewarded when you die and go to heaven.

It cannot be denied that this slavery-imposed nationality THAT WAS BRANDED ON THE SLAVE actually served the purpose of confinement. It was meant to keep the slaves in their appointed place under their owners, so as to minimize the danger that they would interact with slaves on other plantations and spread the fire that was started in the Haitian revolution. It would also serve as a brand, letting everyone know that this slave was not free to be claimed by other slave-masters. He was owned property belonging to a particular plantation. Having been branded, the X-SLAVES were now like cattle that had been corralled on a rock by their owners who said: I have placed you here,you now belong here, and here is where you must stay.But like all domesticated fowls, the kidnapped African would adapt to his new caged environment, even to the point of being celebratory and patriotic to his landless predicament. This domesticated state of mind would even cause the slave to faithfully help the owners of the plantation in enforcing the plantation’s slave-control laws. He would school his children to aspire to be servants of The White World Order. And he would stupidly participate in celebrating the slave-owner’s harvests and his unholy days that celebrate the institution of slavery. More than that, he would even go to war in defense of The Land Lord’s land when given the order.Consequently it can be said that the dispersed and disinherited African today operates from A LONG INGRAINED AND DEEPLY ROOTED SLAVE PERSPECTIVE that accepts the slavery decrees of old as sacred acts of God that should not be challenged or changed. In his mind the slave-master’s spin on the story is the only one that counts, the only one that should be respected, and the only one that should be honored. Therefore from this domesticated Negro perspective, the typical X-slave does not realize that the underlying issue that has long governed his welfare globally is the issue of who should benefit from Africa’s resources.


Should the dispersed African continue to mentally submit to the slavery decrees of old that allocated to him a few rented square feet in the West in place of a continent whose resources are still today coveted by the whole world?

Should African labor and African resources continue, as has been the case for more than four centuries, to make Europeans rich, while all around the world landless poverty-stricken Africans remain on their knees begging Europeans for jobs? Why should a people that have been blessed with the richest resources on planet Earth always have to be begging?

BLACK-HELL-2BCLICK IMAGE FOR BETTER VIEW and then hit back buttonIt was definitely necessary to screw the African mind so that it would always be celebrating instead of agitating, and so that it would remain blissfully compliant with this vampire arrangement that doomed him to be a perpetual servant of another race.Consequently, those that were completely stripped of their ancestral inheritance and taken to the west would have their minds so reconfigured that they would no longer have any interest in reclaiming that which is rightfully theirs. They would be made to becomesatisfied with their landless nationality,and their philosophical horizons would belimited to the places where they had been dispersed.Therefore it is not unusual today to hear an American-centered or western-centered utterance coming from an African mouth. The African has been so Negrofied and domesticated that he is more likely to struggle for a reservation on the plantation than to struggle for the liberation of his African nation. He has also been trained to worship slave-masters and scorn his fellow slaves. His is a trained opportunistic approach that rides with whoever controls the spoils. Today the spoils are in The Ice Man’s house, so the Negro will serve The Ice Man faithfully. If Africa was a united superpower, able to protect its resources so that African people could benefit from them, you would not find a confused African today who is trying to be part-Indian or trying to be all-white.Many counter-intelligence doctrines have been circulated to keep the African in that lost and self-defeating state of mind so that his energies are never centered on African Liberation. And this leads to the point that the struggles of an oppressed people need to be informed by a clear vision of where they came from and where they are going. In the case of the dispersed African the question must be asked: Is your philosophical outlook still operating within the mental enclosures that were designed by Lord Nelson and Christopher Columbus and their slave-holding sponsors?

Ras Jahaziel

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  • Great article. Every African must understand this! Drugs and alcohol, along with the party mentality are ruining the youth. Time to get serious and rule our destiny

  • The information is potent and enlightening. Although it has been said many times, it is important that we repeat it and repeat it often, as our people remain in a state of unconsciousness. We must find a way to make this information accessible and acceptable to our young people. We must find a way to make the message resonate with them so as to galvanize them to action.