December 20, 2013

It is time for us to admit that up to this day, the wind in our sails as a Caribbean people has been the wind that drove the slave-ships to these shores, and the compass that we have been using is the same one that charted our colonization.

Under that form of guidance the perfect marriage was seen as one between slave and slave owner. Having been indoctrinated to strive for this form of relationship, we as a Caribbean people have been seldom able to cultivate the sort of imagination that is so eloquently outlined in the article below.
But our romance with the devil was bound to lead to disappointment, and now that the slave-ship is running into troubled waters it is the human cargo from Africa that is being scuttled. So there is no one else to turn to but your family, but we have to take an enema and purge the nigga-mentality that mek we feel that we better than dem. Read article below and see video at the end.