If you have built your wealth from slavery it is natural that you will discourage those that have been impoverished by slavery from talking about slavery.


If you have traditionally been a perpetrator of crimes against humanity it is natural that you will want your victims to develop amnesia.

And if the Slave-master still has a hold on your mind it is also natural that you will shun the topic that he taught you to avoid.

But this present civilization that stands on a foundation of slavery has reached the stage where those discussions that we have been taught to avoid have now become unavoidable.

There was a time when large numbers of people embraced slavery as a means to self-enrichment and progress. It did such great wonders for them and placed them in such an eminent position that they became known as “the developed world,” but little did they know that they were feeding a beast that if left unchecked would one day revisit them with little partiality.

This is what has become of the beast of slavery that they hatched and nourished long ago: A small GANG accumulated such great wealth and power that they are now able to dominate the whole world, and the people that spawned the beast are now increasingly becoming victims of the same beast.

No one challenged the non-ethic that said PROFIT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HUMAN LIFE as long as that life was only Black. So the beast grew by common consent and morphed into an impersonal system of exploitation where no one really knows for sure who is the real slave master, but everyone knows for sure that they have a vampire on their backs.

So it is not an accident that even whites would find themselves today like the sharecropping slaves of yesterday, strung out from dawn to dusk with The vampire and the predatory lender on their backs, laboring to pay the exorbitant bills of extortion.

Thus it is now in everyone’s interest to revisit the crimes of slavery and make right the wrongs to prepare the way for a new global order where


The “Lamentations of Mother earth” is therefore a video designed to pierce your soul and resurrect your humanity so that you will see that the crimes of today are inextricably linked to the crimes of yesterday. The video was created with the hope that you too will see that this planet we all share cannot sustain our common existence until every yoke is broken and human bondage is no longer a way of life.

This therefore calls for going back into the past to correct the wrongs, because ALL HISTORY IS CURRENT EVENT and

the crimes of yesterday are still killing the children of Mother Earth today.


Ras Jahaziel