Upon every child of The Middle Passage there rests a sacred historical obligation that can only be avoided and abandoned
at the expense of becoming a traitor to the ancestors.

When an artist arises with a commitment to that sacred historical obligation, he will be called upon to articulate the cause that was snuffed out and suffocated in the holes of slave ships and in the dank places of Hell Plantation.

 If the artist does not do this, those ancestors that were worked to death in the fields of Hell Plantation will forever remain counted as history’s NON-PEOPLE… those that should be allowed to die without justice, and have their cause forever abandoned because
they are still deemed to have been lesser than animals.
When consciousness comes home to the children of slaves, they will realize that if they fail to answer this sacred historical obligation and wipe away the scorn that has been placed on their forefathers and foremothers, they themselves will continue to be viewed by the eyes of the world as the inferior progeny of A NON-PEOPLE.

It is this sacred historical obligation that inspired the artist in this body of work that spans two decades in preparation.
Ras Jahaziel I Iktor Tafari