(July 2011)

Ignorance and Weak-mindedness are the two devils that most often lead a broken and domesticated people into complicity with their own enslavement. It is part of the nature of being DOMESTICATED.



Perhaps If I take your mind deep into the not-so-distant past, to the door-steps of great grandmothers, you will realize that YOU are the only chance that their story will ever be PROPERLY TOLD, because their voices were strangled and suffocated, and FROZEN IN TERRORIZED SILENCE….. until that day when their offspring would arise from ignorance and have the courage and consciousness to recognize that it is their historical responsibility to SPEAK UP to the centuries of injustice.


WHEN WE MAINTAIN THE SILENCE we are collaborating with the evil slave-master in strangling the voices of our fore-parents, and by keeping their story buried in the pit of forgetfulness WE ARE AGREEING WITH THE SLAVE-MASTER THAT OUR ANCESTORS WERE BEASTS OF BURDEN NOT WORTHY OF BEING HEARD.

In a very real sense, in our dereliction of duty that springs from our miseducated ignorance, we have all been walking on the graves of our fore-parents with great contempt.

Perhaps now you will realize that SILENCE IS COMPLICITY.
So we all have a choice: either to lend a hand to the slave-master and jointly affirm that our grandparents were less than beasts, or rebel from the evil slave-master and bring our grand-parents' story to the light of day so that the world will constantly be reminded that justice is yet to be done. WHICH ONE WILL IT BE?
If the truth were really to be told, it will be realized that in this time ONE IS EITHER AN AGITATOR OR A PASSIVE COLLABORATOR.


AN AMICABLE AGREEMENT WITH SLAVERY (The agreement to look at bondage differently and NOT call it "slavery" anymore.)


It is typical of robbers to want to safeguard the wealth that has been gained from robbery, so that their posterity can rest comfortably without being challenged about the legitimacy of their stolen property.
and if they can they will use various deceptions to convince the victims of their crimes that the present is NOT connected to the past, and that they should not waste time digging it up.
No effort is spared to persuade crime victims that they are not really crime victims.
The robber will persuade them that the crime that is done to the baby is not a crime to the adult, and that the crime to fore-parents is not a crime to offspring.
But in normal circumstances, a mind that has NOT been thoroughly doped-out will always want to know more about the past, so as to comprehend the present, so as to predict the future...
especially in light of the fact that so much has been done to erase the past from Black memory, especially in light of the fact that so much has been done to make the present look like it exists in a vacuum, and especially in light of the fact that if crime victims do not realize that they are crime victims they are likely to blame their disadvantaged condition on their own intrinsic inferiority.
You should therefore stay clear of drugs, particularly those white drugs from The Greco-Roman house that are often concealed in religion and embedded in Television-education...
because under their influence your mind will invent every reason under the sun to avoid blaming the slave-master, and you will thereby sign on to the agreement that your fore-parents were less than nameless dogs whose pleas for justice should be forever consigned to the pit of forgetfulness.
Such drugs will make you predisposed to seeing no further than the devil in your own people, and you will not be able to see THE ORIGINAL DEVIL who stripped your people naked of every independent means of survival, and locked them in a fish-bowl where they are placed under tremendous daily pressure to think and act like devils in order to survive.

UNDER DAILY PRESSURE TO THINK AND ACT LIKE A VAMPIRE and equipped educationally to see the Roman point-of-view, and so becoming A CLASS OF SURROGATE SLAVE-MASTERS IN BLACK FACE. Out-vampiring the vampire, and out-slave-mastering the slave-master. Collared and tied in the image of Greece and baptized in the spirit of Rome.
And this is what slavery and colonialism has done to us. As a result of being schooled and fed with The White Drug, a whole class of Negroes has been cloned to think and act like the slave-master, transmitting the slave-master's views and enforcing the slave-master's point-of-view.
Under the influence of these white drugs from The Greco-Roman empire you are even likely to see crime victims as criminals, and find yourself totally agreeing with the slave master that the solution is to punish them and penalize them and then increase the punishment some more. And you will see plants as enemies, and have no problem with sodomy.
Whether you are a Barbadian, a Jamaican, a Nigerian or any other colonized African, you have to face the truth that you cannot competently address today's crisis without an in-depth study of the years that you have been trapped in the white man's fish-bowl. These long years in the white man's cage were bound to shape your personality in the same way that it has shaped the personality of any other trapped domesticated creature.
And if you have been educated and promoted to the middle class on the plantation you are even quite likely to become sympathetic to the slave-master's point of view, and start to view the lower classes from the point of view of the slave master.
When you have been habitually collared and tied in the white man's trap for centuries, it is easy to become accustomed to having a collar and tie around your neck, and you will even wear it with pride. END OF FOREWORD




When a people have been systematically terrorized and enslaved for centuries, the experience can condition their minds in such a way that their every-day attitudes and behavior emanate from a center of fear.

Additionally, if their bread and butter still remains under the control of those that enslaved them, it is quite predictable that their slave mentality will not disappear, and they will remain COLLARED AND TIED psychologically.

It is the presence of this UNRESOLVED BONDAGE that makes study of the past so necessary if the present is to be fully comprehended.

In the same way that "all history is current event," the mind of a people, a race, or a nation is the sum total of all the experiences they have lived before.

In the case of African people who today still live in an economic fish bowl that was created by slave dealers, it means that despite efforts to escape the past, Black life is still haunted by unresolved bondage that will not be resolved until we come to terms with that which is ailing us as a people.

This injured legacy that was shaped in the cauldrons of slavery occupies the subconscious realm like a spirit that needs exorcism, because cries and yearnings for justice have never been fulfilled. Instead of being fulfilled they are constantly drowned with buckets of make-believe.

The embarrassment of living with this haunting spirit often forces the victim to adopt a dual personality that wears a mask on the outside while covering up deep psychic responses to oppression and terrorism and enforced inferiority.

The terrorism that was visited on slave populations on a day to day basis and especially after rebellions and attempts at escape, was such that subsequently the mere thought of rebelling could paralyze the slave's mind with fear.

As a result of this fear of rebellion, the slave of today is apt to avoid the bitter truth that a truce has been made with the slave-master to settle for bondage as long as it is not called slavery any more..

This truth will not allow the slave the false comfort of feeling that Dr King or someone else in the past has already fought and completed the bitter struggle for freedom.

No, this truth places the responsibility squarely on the slave's shoulders, and he has a choice of CONTINUING TO LIVE THE LIE and hand down false-freedom from generation to generation, or engage in the much-feared path of rebellion.

Surviving with this contradiction therefore forces many to desensitize their moral compass and consequently spit on the grave of their own integrity.

Against this background it is easy to see why many confine their studies to the days "when we were kings and Queens" and avoid the study of slavery like the plague itself.

It is easy to see why in addressing the crisis that is being handed down and accentuated from generation to generation many choose to use short-term spectacles that see only a year or two.

But while such studies of the royal years are also necessary, there is no time in history that has shaped the present Black personality more than the traumatic years that have been spent IN THE LIMITING CONFINES OF THE WHITE TRAP.

It is understandable that some would prefer the study of ancient Black civilizations like Abyssinia and Kemet and that they would take refuge in the comfort of holy books.

But when JUSTICE is a serious concern, as it ought to be if we are not asleep, it is foolhardy to evade study of the INJUSTICE that has been done and continues to be done, for you will never have the courage to change your condition until you have the courage to study your condition.

And this process of reversing injustice and establishing justice requires rigorous study of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Chattel slavery, and all of the years since the time when The Aliens locked us down in a white cage and placed a vampire on our backs.

If we are to change the destiny that has been set for us by The Alien Invaders this is the kind of study that we must embark on, for our present predicament as Africans is like a lock that we are challenged to pick. And the only way to pick the lock is to first STUDY THE LOCK.

If we want to find our way out of this present situation we must get thoroughly acquainted with what was done, how it was done, and HOW IT HAS MANAGED TO MIGRATE TO THE PRESENT WHILE PRETENDING TO BE A THING OF THE PAST.

The truth will be discovered that there are some people today that are PRETENDING TO BE CIVILIZED AND FAKING HUMANITY.

But when you study the cold sadism that they displayed yesterday, and the present cold indifference that they display towards the mass incarceration of Blacks today, you will definitely find out that THEY ARE NOW WEARING LEGAL MASKS to perform the same lynchings.

But your mind has to be strong to shake off the feel-good illusions, and face up to the fact that the main struggle for Black freedom is not something in the past that was achieved by others so that you can now celebrate during Black history month.

No, it is still ahead, and if you are not prepared to vigorously challenge and militate and agitate against the world's longest lasting crime, then it will be left to your children to do so.

But each time it gets left to the children of the next generation IT GETS HARDER TO CORRECT and the journey to eventual extinction as a race becomes even more irreversible.

The following images will prove without a doubt that just like yesterday, the people who make a constant show of saying "In God we trust" do not have the slightest understanding that their institutionalized sadistic brutality towards Africans shows clearly that they are Satan in disguise.

It should also be remembered that the sadism that is described in the images below happened in a society where the people were regular Sunday-morning church-goers, so it would appear that wherever they have exhibited the worse evil they have also exhibited the greatest show of religion.

From generation to generation evil is being condoned while going to Church and sipping communion.

The fact that they consciously participate in hushing the wrongs of the past, and silently condone the present criminalization and victimization of Blacks is ample evidence that in the name of Jeezus they are practicing Satan.

So what follows are the sobering truths, starting with the fact that any study of The African Slave Trade and the empire-building years that followed is sure to open up to the inquiring view:


In the process of developing the modern world, every possible device that the evil mind could imagine was invented for the specific purpose of DEVALUING THE AFRICAN PERSON-HOOD and making African inferiority a global reality.

It can be said that the African has been living through a horror movie in which THE EVIL IMAGINATION was stretched beyond comprehension to devise ways and means of disfiguring God's creation and creating A PSYCHOLOGICALLY DEFORMED SUBHUMAN SPECIES. That was the intent from its very beginnings, and unless there is some miraculous change we are in danger of seeing it become a reality.


so here goes....




They will conceal the truth

that YOU are the seed of the real Black Christ, and EVERY OTHER CHRIST IS A FAKE created for the purpose of distracting you from the truth that not even Jeezus has been nailed on more crosses than YOU, and that YOU are the victim of a deep deep crime that is not even considered a crime because of the silencing of history.

An incision was made in the victim's ribs and a hook placed in the hole. In this case, the victim stayed alive for 3 days until clubbed to death by the sentry guarding him who he had insulted.



The engraving (above) illustrates a brief article on fugitive slaves in Brazil, and is apparently derived from first-hand information. "Captured fugitives," the article notes, "are forced to do the hardest and roughest work. They are ordinarily placed in chains and are led in groups through the city's neighborhoods where they carry loads or sweep refuse in the streets.

This type of slave is so frightful that, while they have lost all hope of fleeing again, they think of nothing but suicide. They poison themselves by drinking at one swallow a large quantity of strong liquor, or choke/suffocate themselves by eating dirt/earth.

In order to deprive them of this way of causing their own deaths, they put a tin mask on their faces; the mask has only a very narrow slit in front of the mouth and a few little holes under the nose so they can breathe" (p. 229; our translation).

In a discussion of slavery in Brazil and the “miserable state” of the enslaved, Froger talks about runaway slaves and the punishments they receive when captured. The following translation appears in the 1698 English edition: “. . . if their masters once catch them, they give them no quarter; for they hang a great iron collar about their necks on each side whereof there are hooks, whereunto is fastened a stake or branch of a tree, with which they thrash them at pleasure. . . . But if it so happen that after this sort of chastisement they relapse again into the same fault, they . . . cut off one of their legs, nay, and sometimes hang them for an example, of terrour [sic] unto others . . ..

I knew one [slave master] in Martinico who being of a compassionate nature could not find in his heart to cut off his slave’s leg, who had run away four or five times, but to the end he might not again run the risqué of losing him altogether, he bethought of fastening a chain to his neck, which trailing down backwards catches up his leg behind, as may be seen by the cut [engraving]. And this, in the space of two or three years does so contract the nerves that it will be impossible for this slave to make use of his leg. And thus, without running the hazard of this unhappy wretch’s death, and without doing him any mischief, he thereby deprived him of the means to make his escape”
(pp. 119-120).


(A people would have to be very demonic in spirit if the above is their idea of "compassion".)

"Marks of punishment inflicted upon a colored servant in Richmond, VA"; shows the back of woman with burn marks. The victim was thirteen years old when, for reasons unexplained in the article, she annoyed or upset her mistress.

She was locked in a room by herself for over a week, during which time the mistress repeatedly burned her back.
The mistress was arrested, but released on $ 5,000 bail. The original photograph is located in the Houghton Library at Harvard University (Wendell Phillips Papers, [bMSAm1953(942)]. In a letter from Richmond, dated July 6, 1866, which enclosed this photo, John Oliver wrote Wendell Philllips that although the photograph "is a very poor one . . . from it you will be able to see quite well the barbarism of Slavry [sic] as it now exist[s] in King William Co, Virginia in 1866. This girl with a twin Sister and their morthe [sic] lucy [sic] Richardson were Slaves to a Mr Henry Abrams, his wife, one of the most cruel tyrent [sic] read of in any age put out the left eye of the mother, and her constent [sic[ habit has been to take the Childr[e]n and burn their backs in the man[n]er which this picture explains, this chil[d] is now 16 years old





{module Congo brutal history}

Because of the long history of BRUTAL SADISM from which everyone now wants to disassociate themselves...

They will ask you to cooperate in deleting 400 years of your history that saw you being STRIPPED NAKED AND RAPED and brought to this pitiful state of total dependence on them for food, for jobs, for loans, for grants, for aid, for patronage, and even for your very survival.

They will ask you to forget how you were stripped naked and reduced in this day to TOTAL PROSTITUTION ON ALL LEVELS OF YOUR SOCIETY, so that your legs are open wide, and you no longer have any place that you consider too sacred for the invader's penetration.

And you are supposed to cooperate in burying the memory of your enslaved ancestors in the pit of forgetfulness, so that The Devil's past would no longer be remembered, and he would be able to continue fooling the world and disguising his sick inner Satan soul.


(When you have borne the brunt of the evil that comes from the mean face you are apt to feel extremely excited at seeing the smiling face... without realizing that they are two sides of the same coin.)

They will encourage you to keep your children ignorant to the truth that the wealth of today's world is built on the sweat and blood and tears of Africans.

And then they will ask you to walk in step with the lie that the world owes you nothing.

History is supposed to be A REVELATION, telling you about yourself and about those that shared time and space with you. Therefore 400 years of experience should reveal what is the basic character and personality of any people with whom you have long interacted.


(symbiotic: a relationship where the children of the rape-victim condone the rape of their mother and welcome further intrusion and penetration by the rapist, and the historical victim of vampires actively cultivates a business out of being sucked by vampires. And on the other hand The Vampire has filled his belly with blood to the point that he loathes the presence of his victim but cannot bear to see him escape.)

When all the abnormalities have become normal and the prey finds delight in the company of the hunter,

it becomes time to analyze our attitudes to see if they are the same that got us enslaved in the first place.

To properly comprehend THE SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP that has developed between those that have been enslaved and those that enslaved them, we must review the 400 years that we are constantly being asked to forget.

A review of this part of our experience will lay bare the greatest crimes ever recorded against any people in human history, and the victims were the peoples of Africa.

As a result of what happened then, Africans have been systematically stripped of everything and reduced today to a state of desperate want everywhere.

Want for food, want for clothing, want for shelter, want for jobs, want for money, want for favors, and want for patronage, are the main chains of present-day enslavement that dehumanize the African on a global level and reduce him to an object of pity in the eyes of the world.


This DESPERATE WANT causes those that have been enslaved to be always ready and eager to open up wide for further and deeper intrusion and penetration by those that raped them and enslaved them...because THEY have the money.(eg: sex tourism that is to be found not only on beaches but also in the highest places of post colonial society)


In this symbiotic relationship, those that have been stripped therefore tend to be more welcoming and entertaining towards those that enslaved them than they are towards their own WHO HAVE NOTHING.

If you are a beneficiary of the robbery that has taken place you are thus able to gain access to every nook and cranny of the Black soul, even into the most sacred spaces where previous invaders needed force to enter.

All you have to do is bestow some small favors and immediately you can earn honorary status.


In normal circumstances, if you know that your parents were trapped and enslaved and raped by slave-catchers, common-sense would tell you to shun slave-catchers and their hidden devices, because even today despite the passage of time, you can see that capturing and caging Africans is still their hobby.

Even in the twenty-first century capturing and caging Africans is still their hobby.

13 percent of the nation’s population, make up between 60 and 70 percent of the jail and prison population nationwide.[1] 2011

In fact, if you are in your right mind you would want to walk as far away as possible from those that

hunted you relentlessly like animals,

put iron yokes on your face and on your necks, and chains on your feet,

raped your mothers on a daily basis and changed the complexion of your race completely,

strung up your fathers by the neck and roasted them for fun,


tortured you brutally and delighted in cutting off your balls and exchanging them as souvenirs,

worked you to death and then discarded you ,

whipped you for punishment and whipped you for fun,

They forced the African to whip the African and created a class division. A class that gets whipped and a class that does the whipping for the slave-owners. (Black police in uniforms)

Truly, if you were in your right mind you would want to walk as far away as possible from those that pretend to be your friends but make no effort to correct the centuries of robbery that keep you looking to them for a job and begging them for a loan and a grant today.

And you would be quite aware that there are those that secretly manipulate economic strings to keep Africans locked down in perpetual poverty.

What kind of mind studies so many ways to dehumanize the African?
Such whippings were often done in the presence of one's children and family, for its intent was to terrorize and emasculate the African, and to leave its effect for generations.
A deep psychology was employed when The Slave-Owners put the whip in the Black man's hand. It was intended to create division and distrust amongst Africans. This scene was repeated every day on the slave plantation and today it continues IN UNIFORM.

Having performed the back-breaking work of nation-building, but yet scotching on temporary rented spots on the plantation, they are now herded by economic pressures into the waiting prison.


inequality in wealth distribution results in inequality in prison occupation

And when you see that they feel no remorse even up to the present day, because they are doing the same thing in disguise, your conscious mind should tell you that you need reparation and repatriation, not integration.

In your right mind you would not want to melt into such people. You would be trying to build your own schools, your own institutions, your own nation.

You would be seeking the sublime beauty of repairing that which has been broken, mending that which has been torn asunder, healing that which has been made infirm, restoring sanctity to she who has been raped, and your first great mission would be to establish that unity of Africans that has been systematically prevented.

The dialogues that you would therefore want to be having would be dialogues between the children of The Black Maafa that have been deliberately ripped apart in order to prevent communication and perpetuate dominion over the African.

And common sense would tell you that if the people who are the worse off in the family of humanity were to remove their focus from rescuing themselves to rescuing the whole of "humanity," they would be diverting valuable time to the task of healing others that are worlds apart in terms of their human condition. They would be like a drowning man concerned about the safety of people on the beach.

Ever wondered why the slave-masters are preaching so much diversity and multiculturalism nowadays?

They saw that Marcus Garvey was uniting Negroes on the basis of race, and they know that if THE RACIALLY OPPRESSED unite on the basis of race it would mean POWER TO THE POWERLESS. So they had to discredit Marcus Garvey, and downplay the mission of creating an international brotherhood of Africans that Haile Selassie described as his first great mission .

So The Bind-Low-A made every effort to portray the King as a man whose main focus was on that broad-based concept called "humanity." But no one can answer the question: why did he, like Marcus Garvey, spend so much time and effort in forming organizations specifically for the Black peoples of the world?


When the African is not very wise he will be cunningly diverted from his original intent, and become a "humanitarian" who loves everybody and becomes too busy saving "humanity" to find time for saving those that still carry the cross of INHUMANITY.

If you were in your right mind you would want to restore the sanctity of your sacred places that have been violated and polluted by the peeping anthropologists, the malicious missionaries, the prying discoverers, and those that rape the womb.

You would want to leave the mental and geographical cages where they chained you, and you would have a vision that goes far beyond the daily hustle for personal money. Your mind would be expanding to entertain the concept of NATION, and seeing yourself as NATION-BUILDER.

Therefore you would be trying to restore communication and harmony amongst your family, because they have been stifled and gagged, and wounded and damaged, and separated and scattered from coast to coast and from sea to sea. Healing wounds and repairing damaged psyches would be your primary mission...if you were moving in the right direction.

But when your knowledge of the hunt is coming from the mouth of the hunter, and his teachers and his preachers and his broadcasters have invaded the sacred space of your soul, you will not be in your right mind.

They will seek to penetrate your efforts at liberation, and try to water you down and dilute your spirit. Despite having invaded and penetrated every nook and cranny of your soul they will try to convince you that there is no place where they should not be admitted. And there will be those who have taken the wrong pill who will open wide the doors for the invader, the rapist, and the penetraitor.

Are a few hundred years of African labor worth anything? YES. That is what it took to build Urope and America.

They will hide the truth that would protect you from repeating your father’s mistake. They will turn your eyes away from THE PROBLEM and tell you to be concerned about another "problem" that is not a problem. They will explain away THE CRIMES and tell you a story to make you blame each other and free them from guilt.The whole story that they teach you will be designed to fill you with self-condemnation.

Under his influence you will develop an eye that will be exceptionally quick to see the bad in one another, but will always be on the eager lookout for "the good slave-masters that are not like the rest."

It is dangerous therefore for any people who have a history of being hunted and captured and enslaved and dehumanized for so long to keep silent on their own story, and allow their children to be unaware that the genesis of THE PROBLEM is that they have been robbed and systematically dehumanized for centuries, and that they carry the mantle of The Black Christ, and that the forces of robbery and dehumanization have not gone away but have only changed their tactics today.

More Black Men Now in Prison System than Were Enslaved

The modern slave-catcher has refined his slave-catching net. He makes it impossible to live without having vampires and extortionists on your back, and the poor are driven to desperation until they spiral down the ladder of humanity to become vicious creatures of survival that are always one step from death by fratricide or spiritual death by prison.


but the children of Africa are still the targets of slave-catchers, because the forces that worked to enslave Africans yesterday still work to keep Africans in bondage today.

It is easy to acknowledge this truth when you know your own story, but when your mind is still the property of Enslavers you will want to escape facing this reality and bury your head in self-hating explanations and blame the victims as you were taught to do by the slave master.


If those that were hunted and captured and robbed and raped and enslaved and dehumanized ever forget the unaddressed CRIMES that brought them to their present condition, they will do what the manipulators intended for them to do, they will come to conclusions that support what the racists have always said: "We are a bunch of good for nothing shiftless niggers who are victims of our own intrinsic inferiority."

Without proper information on what has happened to bring the African to his present condition they will look around at the consequences of The Robbery and the long-term dehumanizing effects of slavery and wrongly conclude that it is a consequence of their own pitiful innate inferiority.

Meanwhile, most of the poorest of the poor suffer silently, too weak for activism or too busy raising the next generation of hungry.


Without knowledge of what has happened they will be led to self-hate, self-loathing, and feelings of worthlessness, and from out of this will spring the passions of fratricide and self-destruction.


The education that places no emphasis on The Black Maafa or African holocaust, and omits the important task of showing the connection between the past and the present is an education that is designed to create KRYPTONITED BEWITCHED NEGROES, Negroes whose baton of history has been taken from them, and whose liberation urge has been neutralized.

In its zeal to be race-neutral such an education will fortify white domination by its failure to challenge established lies and bring to the table a perspective that is rooted in the Black experience.

It will therefore create a kind of race-neutral African who is gutted of his racial allegiance, who feels no special urge to address the historical and on-going crimes against Africans.

In the absence of a higher motivation, such Africans will tend to be characterized by cold selfish money-grabbing, with no regards for brotherly love, racial solidarity, and race upliftment.

The absence of this kind of race-uplifment-thinking amongst "the mercenary-minded educated" is the result of a centuries-long collusion between The Owners of the Plantation and The Caretakers of Education. The plantation wanted better servants, not THINKERS or System Changers.



Instead of resenting those that have owned their bodies and dominated their lives for centuries they will want to befriend them and go to bed with them....BECAUSE OF THE DOMESTICATION PILL.

When fed with the hunter’s story consistently, the lion’s children will even want to stop being lions.

That generation that has become disconnected from its own story will in fact become A POODLE GENERATION, a generation that does not follow the logic of its own history, and therefore is oblivious to its own present-day obligation to exit the cage of domestication and to restore all that has been taken away by miseducation.

But that is the advantage of controlling the flow of information and education on the plantation if you are an inheritor of the slave-master's dominion. You can shape the minds of the young to disconnect from their collective ancestral memory so that they lose connection with that sacred purpose that is bred of a shared history. And the ultimate victory for the slave-master's dominion lies in the fact that those that have been stripped of their roots shall lack the vision of NATION.g


When you have achieved this you can then rearrange their minds so that they always act contrary to their true historical obligation and become like poodles that have a greater connection to their owners than they do with others of their own kind. They will always strive to be known as "good Negroes" in order to ingratiate themselves with their former masters, and will fine-tune the skill of NEGRO AMNESIA until it becomes a fine art.

At this stage with such control over the flow of education, news, and information, you will have created a foolish people, a people who blindly follow THE REMOTE CONTROL, preferring to stick by the slave-master's side, preferring to keep his laws and his plantation arrangements in place, preferring to run errands for him, and having no burning desire to be on their own without him.

When such domestication has taken hold of a people's mind they will lose confidence in their ability to do for self, and they will subconsciously feel that anything that is done without their master's involvement will lack validity and authenticity, and is therefore bound to fail. And the obsession that they once had for reuniting their family would be replaced with a burning obsession to be one with the people that enslaved them.

On the other hand, knowing your own story of the enslavement process should empower you with the consciousness that your freedom is not yet complete, because you will be able to compare the past with the present and see the similarities. And this should passionately fire you up with the will and determination to be free from those that enslaved you.

But because the careless generation has allowed others to make their history a subject of forbidden taboo, they consequently hand down the blindness of their acquired poodle nature to their offspring, so that following generations remain ignorant of the many ways that their present circumstance is directly connected to their past circumstance.

More Black Men in Prison Today Than Enslaved in 1850



By failing to make themselves wise to the many techniques and mechanisms of enslavement, The Poodalized inhabitants of the plantation will not be able to see that they are blindly wearing yokes of a different appearance, and unconsciously making AN AMICABLE AGREEMENT WITH SLAVERY.

When you are born into this bondage of perpetual want, and the image of slavery that you have in your mind is one where people wear chains on their feet, you will be led to believe that you are living the dream of freedom.


If you knew your history you would know that the progress of the Black race will have to be measured by how far Haiti has come today.



Africans are now trapped in an economic vice grip and driven to desperate dog-eat-dog crabs-in-a-barrel barbarism by the vampires and extortionists who live on our backs and control OUR COST OF LIVING.

...it is hard to escape the vampires on your back, because since robbing you they have taken control of practically every single thing that your life depends on, and if you are not careful they will force you to become a vampire too.