We have to become less reliant on the production of trinkets, and more focused on the production of things that people truly need.

we have to become less reliant on the provision of NON-ESSENTIAL services and more focused on the provision of the services that people truly need.

Otherwise we will remain in our present vulnerable situation where we subconsciously pray for The Slave Master's recovery.


The video above features PROF I, a priest of the ancient Ital Iyabinghi high order livity.

From way back in the 70s this brother has been promoting this ancient Ital livity in the hills of Jamaica. He is part of the generation that were warned: Plant your children in the garden, do not plant them in the Concrete. Despite the challenge that landlessness presents, seek a way out of the Oven and let that be your main struggle . That is why in the video he is chanting "What a woe down in Babylon"


After Emancipation, most options for independent living were stripped away and narrowed down, so that the slave would be forced into his present situation where he has to work for the slave master or die. Yet in his mis-educated ignorance he might be heard to say that he is free.
The OVEN that is referred to above is represented in the picture below.



(if you are totally dependent on the dollar in the middle of this you should be alarmed)


The Oven was built so that  a few Bankers, Land Lords, and Merchants could have at their ready disposal a large supply of cheap labor and totally controlled Consumers. Every morning millions of people wake up in these concrete jungles to face crushing pressures to get money at a time when legal money is scarce.Therefore crime increases as the  population increases and the cost of living increases. It creates a lucrative investment climate for the man who builds prisons and the judges and lawyers who make a fat living by putting people in jail. It is an unnatural, dangerous, and unhealthy situation but it is necessary, because The Money Gods have to keep their profits increasing.
Feeding the captives with a culture of ignorance is a very important part of the plan, because those that are trapped in the Oven must feel safe and secure even though all the signs indicate that it is a ticking  time-bomb.


The central part of the repatriation effort must be the planting of EARTH-BASED COMMUNES on the African homeland using the best of eco-friendly technology. The video below offers a small  insight on this alternative way. And keep on the lookout for The New Global Order when Profit will no longer be more important than human life.



This video  below points to  a direction that we all should be seeking most urrgently,

but we have to shake off the concrete spell.





Self-sufficiency  was I and I goal from the very beginnings.

That is what settlements like Pinnacle in Jamaica were trying  to achieve.

But many of these efforts were destroyed by The Queen's governments to prevent alternatives to the plantation's 9-5 slave system where all the slaves were intended to be kept locked down.


Every place where Africans live today  they are totally dependent on hustling in the rat race from 9-5 for a dollar to buy inferior waste foods that full their children's bellies but produce diabetes adults.

They are confined to this rat race for polluted foods  because in most cases they are landless concrete nomads living from rent to rent without a vision of true freedom.  It sure aint no accident.


See slide-show below:

These "paintings"  however, were not done with paint and brush.

They were done in the real earth during early morning hours, holding a hoe in the hand and accompanied by the singing of birds.


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All across this planet the dominant culture is IGNORANCE.

Every single individual that is living today was born in this culture of SCIENTIFICALLY CULTIVATED IGNORANCE. Chances are that the thoughts you think and the actions you take are a product of this manufactured state of mind. That is UNLESS you wrestle vigorously to BREAK FREE of its hold. If you study your history you will see that the present UNJUST ECONOMIC ARRANGEMENT needs compliant SHEEPLE whose motivations are guided solely by their belly and their genitals. The only way to avoid the great tribulation is to RISE UP above your slavery-imposed personality and fill your mind with higher visions.