presents the art of Ras Jahaziel I IKTOR TAFARI, Rastafari elder, multimedia artist, videographer, and writer. Ras Jahaziel (the Revelator) hails from the Caribbean island of Barbados. These Visions present a critical and awe-inspiring view of history and prophecy, juxtaposed to current day events, which are among the characteristic themes of these eloquent and engaging, award-winning oil paintings. These masterful works defy conventional art forms through their daring visual impact and bold statements.



            Through the brilliantly and poignantly colorful paintings in this collection, Ras Jahaziel poses a challenge to every viewer to examine history and prophecy along with assessing one’s own role within the multiple layers of vision he imparts.


Specific sub-themes featuring various pieces within the collection include:


Let My People Go

The Crimes of U-Rope


The Haitian Revolution

The Silence

The Lamentations of Mother Earth


Each of these may be considered mini-exhibitions to accommodate your gallery size and program focus.

The collection is available for institutional, community and private gallery exhibits; educational conferences; and personal or business activities. Mural-like in composition, size and scope, the magnificent pieces in this collection portray vital history lessons that stimulate and compel the viewer to contemplate past, present and future social order. They offer a captivating and enlightening visual landscape that satisfies the essential mission of Pan African education, to promote education that is liberating. “RASTAFARI VISIONS” boldly complements any program of study dealing with the historical African holocaust and the present day manifestation of that holocaust.


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